Maintenance Porter Service

When the unforeseen happens it is re-assuring to know that there are trained professionals who can help clean and restore damage to your premises. Our porters and matrons perform a multitude of tasks and keep your facility spotless. Porter services is also an excellent way to control property maintenance costs

We offer a range of services such as:

  • Pressure Washing
  •  Window Cleaning
  •  Graffiti Removal
  •  Trash receptacles / enclosures cleaning
  •  Litter / Trash pick up on all exterior common areas of the property and parking lot
  •  Removal of all flyers and material not authorized by property management
  •  Removal of gum from sidewalks
  •  Windowsills and exterior storefronts to be wiped down and cobwebs to be removed.

Our Team

Our pressure washing helps keep your business looking emaculate while saving you the high-cost of replacement fees

We are an interdisciplinary team, of exclusive dedication. We focus on the well-being of residents. For this we cultivate values such as integrity, transparency and professionalism.